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Vegan Tofu and Cashew Nut Whipped Cream

Vegan Tofu and Cashew Nut Whipped Cream a Great Alternative to Dairy Cream

This Vegan and cashew nut whipped cream is a tasty great a lternative for dairy whipped or the vegan whipped creams that are available to buy commercially. It is made from tofu, cashew nuts and soya milk. While it doesn’t have the same super stiff consistency as any dairy cream, you can whip it quite fluffy and it makes a lovely topping for cakes, crumbles and other fruit deserts. I also use it for creamy main dishes that want for that extra creamy taste. It’s one of these essential condiments in my kitchen since I switched to the diet of the OMS program. Keeps look out  for more recipes or buy the available published booked in the Lotte Wild MS Cookbook Series. read more

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Recipe for a Spread – Vegan Homemade Almond Butter

Recipes for Runners – Make Almond Butter as Part of a Fuel Snack:

If you do a lot of cardiovascular exercising, this is a good recipe to have. Almond butter can be part of a nice before workout fuel as it contains a lot of protein. Plus the fats in almonds are healthy fats. Simply spread it on a slice of homemade bread, add some banana and honey and you have a simple energy food for your 1 hr plus workout provided you eat it about 30-60 min before you run.

Why Homemade Almond Butter is so much better:

Homemade almond butter is probably one of the tastiest, healthiest choices for a nut spread for your toast. When you make your own nut butter you know what’s in your butter. In this recipe that is natural almonds. Period. Nothing else. In this nut butter there are no fillers, no salt, no trans-fats, no cheap fats or preservatives – all things you will find in many store bought products. And you might not think it, but it is really, really easy to make! Simply follow the recipe below. Once you’ve made your first batch you will ask yourself why you’ve ever bought any nut butter in a store. read more

Vegan Sour Cream made with Omega 3 rich Flaxseed Oil

Vegan Sour Cream made with Omega 3 rich Flaxseed Oil

This Vegan Sour Cream made with Omega 3 rich Flaxseed Oil is a basic essential in my kitchen. It works well on it’s own as a dip for fresh, crunchy vegetables cut into sticks, as a spread for crackers and breads or as a base for an impromptu salad sauce. It is made from natural soya yoghurt and gets it sour taste from a splash of cider vinegar. The flaxseed oil gives it a creamy texture and helps you get your daily dose of super healthy omega 3 essential fats. If you don’t want to use flaxseed oil you can substitute it with cold pressed extra virgin olive oil. read more