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gluten free focaccia bread

Easy Gluten Free Focaccia Bread Recipe

High gluten and gluten free Focaccia Bread

Focaccia is a traditional flat oven-baked Italian bread. It is seasoned with olive oil and sometimes contains vegetables such as tomatoes, zucchinis, peppers,onions, aubergines or  olives. Often it’s topped with salt and spices or fresh herbs. It is a very versatile and popular bread and can be served as a side dish to a meal, on its own or with a selection of dips and spreads and also makes a great bread for sandwiches. Because the dough of focaccia is very similar to pizza dough it is also used as a thick-base pizza dough in places. read more

gluten free vegan pizza recipe

Gluten Free Vegan Pizza Recipe

Are you looking for gluten free vegan pizza recipe?

This is the easiest gluten free vegan pizza recipe I know. I love pizza and I don’t mean just eating it. Making pizza is fun and making it from fresh good quality ingredients makes all the difference to it’s flavour. Making gluten free pizza without any dairy products or cheese substitutes seemed a bit of a challenge at first. It turned out to be the opposite! Making gluten free pizza its just as simple as making pizza with the traditional wheat based flour. The gluten free base is crispy but not hard like so many of the recipes out there. You can also make a deep dish pizza with the base. Simply place the dough into a deep silicone dish and proceed following the instructions below. read more

MS Cookbook Fish and Seafood Recipes

MS Cookbook Fish and Seafood Recipes – Featured Recipe of the Week

MS Cookbook Fish and Seafood Recipes:

The MS Cookbook Fish and Seafood Recipes Will be launched very soon. Over the coming weeks I will be posting more recipes from the book here on the website just to wet your appetite. Before I do that let me tell you a little bit about why fish is such an excellent food for anyone who is suffering from Multiple Sclerosis or any other inflammatory auto immune disease.

Unlike other meat, fish contains mainly omega 3 fatty acids which research suggest to have an anti inflammatory effect. They seem to dampen the inflammatory immune response and thereby help reduce the risk of inflammation and relapses in auto immune diseases. read more

Healthy baked fish dinner recipe

Healthy baked fish dinner recipe – Cod with Jalapeño Peppers and Lime

  1. Healthy baked fish dinner recipe

This is another one of the recipes featured in the upcoming Lotte Wild Fish and Seafood Cookbook. This cookbook is the first of a series of MS cookbooks. The cookbook series is great for people who are following the OMS program developed by George Jelinek.

Obviously you don’t have to follow any particular diet to enjoy this low fat, healthy baked dinner recipe. Besides the fact that it is a super healthy and tasty fish dish it is probably one of the easiest recipes for a tasty, impressive dinner dish for all occasions. read more

italian seafood stew recipe

Italian Seafood Stew Recipe

We have excellent Seafood Chowders here in Ireland but today I want to introduce you to this Mediterranean Diet, Italian Seafood Stew recipe. Like all the Mediteranean countries, Italy has a huge variety of seafood recipes. This soup is from the region of Tuscany. It’s a combination of seafood and fish with vegetables and actually reminds me a bit of our Irish Seafood Chowder. Unlike our chowder where we use a creamy base to make a rich and filling meal, this Italian Seafood Soup has a tomato and white wine base. It’s simple, lovely and fragrant and taste wonderful as a starter or main dish served with crusty, homemade bread. read more