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gluten free Irish soda bread without buttermilk

Gluten free Irish Soda Bread without buttermilk

Why make gluten free Irish Soda Bread without buttermilk?

Many people suffer from food intolerance and find they can’t eat the ready made products for sale in the shops anymore because they contain the things they have a problem with. Bread in particular can a be difficult product to source. If you’ve ever read the content lable of bread you will find that a lot of the breads or bread like products like scones, muffins, rolls, baps etc contain a lot more than just let’s say flour, yeast or some other kind of raising agent and water. Often they contain a bunch of E numbers and other additives and while you think you might be eating a wheat bread these often contain other flours such as soya etc. read more

Bake your own dairy free Irish Soda Bread

Why bake your own Dairy Free Irish Soda Bread Recipe

Why Bake your own Irish Soda Bread?

I love fresh bread, I love fresh soda bread. When I became sensitive to foods containing dairy products I had to cross soda bread off the list of things I could buy or enjoy as a standard to-go-with many foods served in restaurants etc.. “I just have the soup, thank you” was my standard answer. Nearly all the soda bread available here is still off the menu for me because soda bread is made with butter milk in Ireland. And though food sensitivity has become a big thing here and many, many places try to cater for people with gluten or dairy sensitivities the soda bread is still pretty much a no-go or more like a no-can-do. It’s like a holy cow that can’t be touched or more like stubborn mule who won’t budge. It seems to be one of the things that simply can’t be changed. And it surprises me because many restaurants make their own highly creative alterations adding dark stout to the dough and more. They just haven’t figured out how to make it without dairy products. read more