You might think desserts that are low in saturated fats, gluten free and egg free are non-existent. Think again! Lotte Wild has an ever growing list of recipes for people on this diet. The links below will redirect you to the posts that contain recipes for anyone who is looking for sweet desserts for all occasions. And while the list might appear short now, don’t worry it will grow! Sign up for my newsletter and I will notify you of all the new, featured, tasty recipes.

Recipes marked (v) are vegan or contain a vegan option. All the others contain egg whites and are therefore not entirely vegan.

Peachy Fools (v)

Race Biscuits

Energy Bar

Gluten Free Almond Muffins

Candied Almonds (v)

Apple Syllabub (v)

Stuffed Spiced Apples (v)