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vegan dinner recipe

Vegetarian Chilli – a vegan dinner recipe

This vegetarian chilli is a really handy, filling vegan dinner recipe especially during the cold winter months. It’s quick to make and as a classic one-pot dish. Once you’ve prepared it, it cooks on it’s own quite happily. It’s also a great meal to cook the day before as its flavour only gets better if it is left overnight. I love serving chilli with guacamole, home made soya ‘sour cream’ and corn bread. Check out our cornbread recipe that has an egg free all vegan dinner recipe option, too. read more

eating healthy vegetarian

eating healthy vegetarian

Many years ago a friend of mine said, being vegetarian isn’t just about what you don’t eat but also what you eat. And at the time I was high fiving him simply because he had put into words something I had found to be a massive challenge. It was hard to be eating healthy vegetarian food. Being vegetarian in Ireland then basic meant you were fed pizza or something made with chicken or fish. These two weren’t considered meat then. At least not by the chef of the canteen of the place I was working in. And if you were vegetarian that meant you ended up eating the ‘two veg’ of the standard ‘meat, two veg dinners’. Thankfully lots of things have changed. Nowadays you still might struggle if you are a vegan but most places know how to cater for vegetarians anyway. It is often  referred to as the ‘healthy option’. As gluten intolerance seems to be quite common now you can even get vegetarian and gluten free as a combination. read more

Seafood Lasagne

In this seafood lasagne I’ve combined the pasta with a white wine, béchamel sauce using soya milk, rice flour and almond flour. It gives the dish a creamy rich taste without using the traditional dairy fats and cheeses.

Seafood mixes are sold both frozen, packaged and fresh here in Ireland. If you’re really lucky and live near a port you can get fish straight from the trawlers. Seafood mixes are usually the smaller pieces that get cut off when cutting fish into filet portion sizes. There is nothing stopping you from buying fresh filets of haddock, salmon, smoked cod etc and cutting them into chunks yourself though. read more

basic ingredients for the MS cookbook

Launching the Lotte Wild MS Cookbook Series

Thank you for visiting my website! I’m in the process of starting a blog to go with the Lotte Wild MS Cookbook series. The books and the website are about cooking for people who have been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Over the coming weeks I will be posting my ideas on cooking, eating, living, exercising with MS. About three years ago I found the OMS Program developed by Prof. Dr. George Jelinek. It’s a great program that encourages people who suffer from MS to make life style changes and take charge of their well being. The OMS program is based on a research program from the 50s by Dr. Swank and Professor Jelinek has tweaked it incorporating other medical research finding since. read more