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paleo banana and walnut almond muffins

Paleo Banana and Walnut Almond Muffins

Today I want to give you an example of how you can spice up my basic dairy and gluten free almond muffin recipe featured in the previous post. This dairy free muffin recipe is for banana and walnut almond muffins. It contains no added fat. It is gluten free because it is made with ground almonds instead of regular flour and with that it fits for people who follow a paleo diet or grain free diet. The only fats in these muffins are those that naturally in the nuts as egg whites (as oppose to the yolk) contain next to no fats at all. Feel free to replace the egg whites with your favourite egg substitute mike flaxseeds and water. I prefer to use egg white because of they add an extra bit of protein to the muffins. This recipe also complies with the diet of the OMS Program. read more

Dairy Free and Gluten Free Almond Muffins

Almond muffins are probably one of the very first gluten free and no added fat baking recipes I fell in love with. They are super easy to make and taste great. I enjoy them as a snack, a breakfast treat or even a dessert. Baking sweet muffins that I could actually eat, that followed a diet that was both dairy free and gluten free without adding any fats to the actual dough became possible with this recipe.

I love these almond muffins because they are loaded with protein instead of hi-glycemic carbohydrates and the fats in almonds are healthy fats too. As I engage in a lot of exercise I’m always on a lookout for protein rich snacks to help my tissue repair after exercising. As I follow a largely plant based diet I am also interested in protein rich snacks to supplement my meals. read more

stability exercise

Stability Exercise

During a recent web browse I found that some people have problems with balance during yoga practices. Sometimes their balance problems can be so severe they find that being a discouraging experience. Some find that their balance problem is preventing them from participating in yoga or at least in some or many of the poses. Obviously everyone has to make such a decision themselves. I would still like to make a general recommendation before people stop engaging in exercises though and encourage them to test and potentially improve their core stability before giving up an activity they enjoy. If you have problems with balance this can be an indication of a weakness in the muscles that support your upright posture. read more

Fish and Seafood MS Cookbook Recipe

Sea Trout with Pineapple – This Weeks Lotte Wild Fish and Seafood MS Cookbook Recipe

Fish and Seafood MS Cookbook Recipe

Each week I feature one of the recipe from the soon to be launched OMS compliant Lotte Wild MS Cookbook Series. The Lotte Wild Fish and Seafood Cookbook will soon be available on Amazon. All the recipes in my cookbooks have been tried, tested, photographed and the recipes will give you not only a list of ingredients and clear instructions on how to prepare the meal. I also try to give you an estimated preparation time just to show you how easy it is to prepare these delicious fish and seafood MS cookbook recipes. I provide all quantities in both imperial (US) measures and milligrams or litres. read more

Indian Rotis - Gluten Free Flat Bread OMS Recipe

Indian Rotis – Gluten Free Flat Bread OMS Recipe

Gluten Free and OMS compliant Recipe

Indian Rotis – Gluten Free Flat Bread OMS Recipe – While there is no link between MS and gluten or wheat sensitivity, I still provide a gluten free option to most of my recipes for the simple reason that I personally feel better when avoiding gluten. When eating gluten I tend to feel bloated and generally uncomfortable. My doctor suggested to me to omit gluten to see if I feel better. I did and so it’s a simple choice for me.

As well as making this personal choice I also think that many people who suffer from gluten sensitivity or celiac disease will enjoy the OMS low saturated fats diet. So I try to make my recipes as inclusive as possible and try to cater not only for people with MS but other people who are on a non-dairy or gluten free diet too. So todays recipe is for an Indian Rotis – Gluten Free Flat Bread OMS Recipe. read more